Category: Movies
Genre: Drama
One of the harshest films I’ve ever seen. Not because it’s brutal. But because it will tear your heart into pieces. The director, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, knew when to make you laugh, when to make you squirm and when to suddenly slap you. He was able to weave together 4 intricate stories in one single powerful message. I will not attempt to explain the film. There are a lot of film critics out there who, I am sure, are much more adept and competent. They will deconstruct and delve into the technical side and the content of the film. Read their reviews. I however, don’t see the point. It’s just intellectual masturbation for those who have studied filmmaking. With a film like this, it doesn’t matter how it was done or how at times it feels as if you’re watching a Wong Kar Wai film. What matters to me is how the film affects the people watching it. How it affected me.

They say that film is a reflection of society. I say not always. But this one does.

Watch the film and you’ll know what I mean.

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