Non-Painful Economy Seating Would Make Me Want To Travel More


I love traveling. I always have. And even more now after I’ve been to other parts of the world. One thing that I hate though is flying. Not because I’m afraid of heights but because of how uncomfortable planes are (in economy class). I’m a small person. Hell, I can fit inside a large traveling bag. But I still find it a stressful environment because of how cramped it is. Imagine sitting in between two other people or on an aisle seat and the person on the window seat wants to go to the washroom. You either have to stand up to let them pass, if it’s really really cramped or try to flatten yourself on your seat as his/her ass pass by inches away from your face. That’s if you’re awake. And don’t get me started on how uncomfortable it is to sleep on a plane especially if you have a very long flight. And the insufferable odors you smell during the trip. Ugh! The Horror!

Good thing Delta Airline is trying to address this problem by installing these groovy seats. These seats will be on all their planes by 2010. By then, I hope I will have enough money to travel outside the country again.


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