Mamma Mia!


Category: Movies
Genre: Musical
I’ve been fooled by the trailer. I thought it was just one of those kilig romantic comedy movies that I didn’t want to watch. It was more than that. It was actually more funny than romantic. Meryl Streep was hilarious as a hippie mom! Everything was exaggerated that you’d think they’re making a parody of musicals (Maybe they were). And Colin Firth? My gaaad! You guys should watch the movie just to see him. I’ve never seen him that way. He always plays serious characters that when you see him doing something else, it’s just so refreshing and weird at the same time.There are, as expected, slapstick parts and dull moments. But what I hated about the movie was Pierce Brosnan… singing. WTF?! I couldn’t stop cringing whenever he sings. Aside from eating the words of the song, he sings with much gusto and feelings which makes it even more icky. I mean he maybe good looking. But to make him sing?! It was funny at first but to hear him sing a whole song was torture.

The ending was blah but watching the actors sing ABBA songs was really entertaining.

I give it 3 stars. 5 if I were high on doobie and had a couple of drinks.


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