Ikariam Defense 101


This is a guide you may use to help you defend your town/s. This is especially made for those new in the game and those who’ve been playing for a while now, but still have no clue how to defend themselves properly.

Build Phalanxes. They’re cheap to fully upgrade and build, and you get a bonus when defending. Keep a minimum of 100 phalanx in any city you have that have a number of resources.

Your Town Wall should be as high as you can build it to give you the best defense bonus. Preferably as high as your Town Hall or even higher. This will give your Phalanx even more defensive bonus.

Do not let enemy spies enter your city. If they can’t enter, the attacker can’t see your resources or defensive troops and would likely move on to another target. This can be done by upgrading your Hideouts. Depending on your Town Hall level, you should never have less than 15-20 spies on defense. The higher the number, the better. All your towns should have a Hideout.

Always keep at least 1 ship in every town you have. If an attacker (most likely a noob) tries to pillage your town without sending a navy to clear the port first, his troops would be turned back. However, if your attacker is launching from one of the towns in your island or is attacking with a sizable navy and army, and you don’t have enough troops to defend, you’re screwed!

– The amount of loot an attacker can get is based on how many trading ships they assign to loot. The only control you have over this is what you stockpile and how you defend them.

– To deter most pirates, all you have to do is either increase their cost by having more defense, or decrease their profit by allowing them to get less loot. A combination of both is even better.

BEST DEFENSIVE STRATEGY: Make yourself unprofitable. Do not stockpile unless you have a sizeable army to defend your resources.

BEST ALTERNATIVE DEFENSIVE STRATEGY: When you’re about to get attacked by SOMEONE A LOT STRONGER than you (most probably a pirate) and you know you’re going to lose, RUN! Pullout your troops and resources or use them immediately to upgrade any of your buildings. Station your troops at any of our allies’ towns near you. Move your resources as well if you can’t use them all. Make sure he/she doesn’t get anything. This will piss the hell out of your attacker. Of course it would help if you have a lot of gold to be able to afford the additional upkeep. Also, this strategy will only work if you’re online. If you aren’t, too bad.

Update: The new version of the game will come out soon. Better take advantage of the 10% discount miracle on trade ships. Buy trade ships now! Once the new version comes out, the automatic discount will be removed.


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