Demolishing the Squatters’ Area


Sorry about the quality of the photos. I took the photos while driving, using my phone.

The Quezon City local government started demolishing the houses of people squatting near and along the creek right next our subdivision the other day. Most houses there got destroyed or washed away by typhoon Ondoy. I guess, the local government finally realized how dangerous it is to have people living in those kinds of areas.

The people were taken by surprise when a large police force came to forcibly make them abandon their homes. They had no choice but to leave. However, some of them have no place to go.

So now, some of them are living on the island right in the middle of a busy road. Which, in my opinion, is even more dangerous especially to very young children.

Did the local government act too impulsively and harshly? I hope they’ll be relocating them somewhere else. Because right now, it’s either the creek or the kalye for those people.

By Toni Cruz

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