In My Life


Category: Movies
Genre: Drama

Finally I was able to watch this film!

John Lloyd and Vilma were, as expected, brilliant. I’m a little iffy about Luis though. Whenever he’s on screen, my eyes are drawn to his rather large nose. I tried not to look at it but I just couldn’t stop staring at it! So I wasn’t really able to focus on his acting skills.

Anyways, kudos to Star Cinema for being brave producing a film like this. I hope they produce more films that have new and interesting characters.

I give it 3 1/2  stars.

2 thoughts on “In My Life

  1. I give SC credits for venturing off from the usual love team formula (wait, there’s also a love team here). Haven’t watched yet! Such shame. Showing pa ba ‘to sa SM Bacolod this weekend? 😛

  2. Deejay

    My mom enjoyed it more than I did. I must agree, Vilma hasn’t lost her screen magic. And John Lloyd was able to keep up with her, kumbaga hindi siya nilamon ng buhay ni Ate Vi. I appreciate the fact that the film veered away from some conventions, it wasn’t as predictable as I expected. It would have been better if they trimmed the ‘monologues’ a bit though, there were too many words and too many lines, as if giving the actors cues for their ‘shining’ moments.
    I never felt anything for Luis, I didn’t feel him at all.

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