Global Cooling during Global Warming?


By Toni Cruz

This is the Hubbard Glacier in Alaska. I took this photo last July 2007. During that time, the glacier has been receding.

Around May this year, Hubbard Glacier advanced at an alarming rate of 7 feet per day! It slowed down, but is still advancing, threatening to close the Russell Fjord again which happened last time in 2002. If this happens, Lake Russell would overflow and would cause devastation to the surrounding areas. Expert climatologists say,  recent extended period of global cooling caused by our ‘SILENT SUN’ caused the expansion of glaciers in Alaska, Norway and elsewhere. There were also reports that Antarctic ice is growing and not melting away.

Research show that for the past few years, the temperature of our planet has been steadily going up. But since 2002, the temperature has been slowly dropping . This could explain the “Big Chill” in Europe last January. And the weird cold we felt last December here in the Philippines. This is also why scientists changed the term for the phenomenon happening right now from Global Warming to Climate Change.

But what does this have to do with us Pinoys? You may ask. Well, look around. We’ve just been devastated by typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng. Floods in places we never thought would be flooded. We have to know that this is happening not only to us.

Too many anomalies are happening to our climate on a global scale. Whatever the case may be, we should start doing something to adapt to the change.  And we better do it now. Before it’s too late.

Blog Action Day 2009 – Climate Change :

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