Red Butterfly Travel Series: The Bahamas


Whenever I hear the word Bahamas, I think about two things: harassing cruise ship guests by taking photos of them while on the beach and Appletinis.

Yes. Harassing guests (actually, encouraging is the word my previous boss likes to use). But if I were in their shoes, I would call it harassment.

We had a certain quota we had to reach before we can go back to the ship to relax or do whatever we want. So I had to work really hard and fast so I can finish early (which rarely happens).

Nightlife in the Bahamas is craaaazy! Everyone’s dancing and drinking like there’s no tomorrow! One night, I had a Piña Colada and around 4 Appletinis. I puked my guts out after that and got shouted at by our Assistant Manager. LOL!

This is the Atlantis Hotel. In my opinion, it looks better at night.

My roommate and I, out of nowhere, just decided to get a tattoo one afternoon. So we went to this Tattoo place which boasts of having inked Anna Nicole Smith. We were like… ok…as if we care. We just really wanted to do something crazy.

Great beach. Great nightlife. You won’t get bored in this place. I love it!

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