Red Butterfly Travel Series: Bacolod


Went to “The City of Smiles” with my friends and colleagues for the Masskara Festival. I was a little disappointed because I wasn’t able to watch the performances at the plaza. Thank God I was able to catch a glimpse of the parade!

We stayed at the O Hotel. To be quite honest, I was a little hesitant to book there. I was thinking, who in their right mind would name their hotel like that? It sounded like something you would name a motel here in the Philippines.

(Photo from O Hotel)

Thank God it’s not that kind of hotel! It’s actually very nice and very clean. Not to mention, very budget-friendly!

A Double Executive room good for 3 people costs P1,400 only (30 USD). And you only have to pay an additional P150 (4 USD) for the extra person. Each room includes 1 free breakfast buffet which normally costs P199 (4.50 USD). By the way, they serve really good omelettes.

Very satisfied with my stay at O Hotel. From now on, I’m not going to judge a hotel by it’s name (LOL). Oh! And O is a guy. We met him and his mom in person.

O Hotel

#52 San Sebastian Street, Bacolod City 6100
Tel. Nos. (6334) 433-7401 to 04
Fax No. (6334) 433-7442
Globe No. (6334) 708-8889
Mobile No. 0917-300-8001


  • Pendy’sWe went there for lunch. It’s located next to ABS-CBN Bacolod. The food is expensive but really good! The prices range from P140 to P400 (3 to 9 USD)Β  Their house specialty is the Spareribs. My friends loved the Crispy Pata while I liked the Fish Fillet. So delish! They also sell pastries, cakes and other pasalubong items. They have the best Napoleones in my opinion. I brought home two boxes!

  • Chicken Deli – We went to their branch in Lacson St. near the lagoon. It wasn’t actually our first choice. We wanted to go to Manokan Country but since we’re all too tired to walk all the way there, we decided to try the chicken here.

The prices range from P25-P80 (less than 2 USD). The chicken is fine. It tasted like any other inasal chicken I’ve tasted. Nothing really special in my opinion. The service was horrible. Maybe it was just because there’s a festival going on and it’s 10x busier than usual. Still, not getting your order after following it up twice is NOT GOOD. Some of my colleagues liked the chicken there though. Plus it’s cheap so I guess that’s one good thing about that place.

  • Manokan Country
  • Bacolod Chicken House
  • Calea – For people who love desserts!
  • Bob’s
  • Bar 21
  • Imay’s
  • El Ideal – a pastry shop that has been around since 1950s.


  • Balay Negrenselocated at 5 de Noviembre St., Silay City. It used to be the ancestral home of the Gaston family. Now it’s converted into a museum. It’s open from 10am to 6pm except Mondays and some Holidays (LOL I have no idea which Holidays they are referring to). Entrance fee is P40 (less than 1 USD) for adults.

  • The Ruinslocated at Talisay, near Bacolod City. The mansion was owned by Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson. They say that the family intentionally burned the mansion down so that the Japanese won’t be able to use the place as headquarters during World War II. Entrance fee is P40. They say the best time to go there is during sunset. But because we had to leave Bacolod at 2pm, we went there around 10am.

  • Negros Museum
  • Orange Gallery
  • Church of St. Joseph the Worker – people say there’s an “Angry Christ” painting there.

I will go back to Bacolod in the future with my other set of friends. And next time, I will make sure to catch the whole parade and try to eat at as many places as possible.

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