Red Butterfly Travel Series: Guimaras


Guimaras. The place where you can find the sweetest mangoes on earth!

We went there for a day trip. It’s only a 15-minute boat ride from Iloilo. The fare varies, depending on how strong the waves are. Our group paid P400 (9 USD) for a private boat that took us to Guimaras port.

Before getting to the dock area, one would be able to see a large sign prohibiting anyone from bringing in mangoes from outside.

When we got there, nobody bothered to check our bags for any mango contraband (LOL) which was just fine with us, but a little disappointing.

Someone from Raymen Beach Resort picked us up at the port. We rode on a multi-cab for about 50 minutes or so and arrived at the resort around 10-10:30am. We paid an entrance fee (I forgot how much it was, but it was very cheap) and rented a hut for P400 (9 USD).

The beach was beautiful. The water’s very clear. The sand’s not as white or as fine as that of Bohol or Boracay, but it’s definitely better than Puerto Galera’s.

The group swam, took photos, swam, ate lunch, took more photos and swam some more. After eating lunch, we tried the famous Guimaras mangoes.

It wasn’t the season for mangoes when we went there so the mangoes didn’t taste as good as they should have. The locals told us that the best time to go there is during the Manggahan Festival (April).

Since we were only there for a day trip, by 1pm we already started to clean up and pack our stuff.

What I didn’t like about the resort is that they only have 3 working shower rooms which were very small. And you have to pay P10 (0.25 USD) for you to be able to use any of them.

We left around 3pm to go back to Iloilo.

If you plan to stay overnight at Raymen’s, you can get rooms for as low as 1,500 per night (then you won’t have to pay to take a shower).

Raymen Beach Resort

Alubihod, Poblacion Nueva Valencia, Guimaras

Contact Persons: Annabelle Estaya / Salvacion Gentizon

Contact Nos: 033-3383177 / 09185207271


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