Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto


This Sunday, the streets of Manila will once again be crime and traffic-free!. Everyone will be watching this mega-event! The Philippines’ pride, Pound-for-pound King, Manny Pacquiao will take on Puerto Rico’s Miguel Cotto!

Who do you think will win?

Manny Pacquiao’s Boxing Record:

  • Total Fights = 54
  • Wins = 49
  • Wins by KO = 37
  • Losses = 3
  • Draws = 2

    Miguel Cotto’s Boxing Record:

    • Total Fights = 35
    • Wins = 34
    • Wins by KO = 27
    • Losses = 1
    • Draws = 0

    HBO’s Teaser for 24/7

    If Manny wins, he will be the only boxer to win 7 titles in 7 weight classes! Filipinos surely won’t miss this!

    For people who want to catch the fight live, has compiled a list of establishments who will be screening the fight.

    For people who don’t have money, like me (LOL) you can watch it on TV around 10am! Although I’m not sure who’s going to air it. Is it GMA 7 or CS9? Does anyone know?

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