Red Butterfly Travel Series: Tagaytay


Dubbed as the Philippine’s second summer capital (next to Baguio). It’s a place to relax and unwind, and to enjoy the view of Taal Volcano. What’s great about this place is it’s only an hour and a half drive (more or less depending on traffic conditions) from Manila.


There are many places where one could stay in Tagaytay depending on your budget. Here’s a list of the budget-friendly ones.

  • Royal Taal Inn – You have to book early (more than 7 days) to avail of their cheapest rates. All rooms have a view of Taal Volcano.  Rates start at 2,500 PHP (54 USD)
  • Tagaytay Econo Inn – Rates start at 2,000 PHP (43 USD).
  • MC Mountain Home Apartelle – Rates start at 1,990 PHP (43 USD). The way going to and from the parking area is scary though.
  • Casa de Carlo – They don’t accept walk-ins. You have to have a reservation. Rates start at 1,800 PHP  (39 USD).
  • Mi-Jo Hotel – Rates start at 1,800 PHP (39 USD)
  • Viewpoint Inn and Restaurant – Rates start at 1,200 PHP (26 USD). The restaurant closes early (around 8pm). There’s a nasty rumor about this place though. I’m not sure if it’s true. Here’s the link: Viewpoint Warning
  • Keni Po Rooms – Rates start at 1,200 PHP (26 USD). They have a small swimming pool that’s very inviting.


  • Pink Sisters’ Convent – My closest friends are devout believers, so whenever we go to Baguio or Tagaytay, we always swing by this convent. You can buy cookies here.


Bali Seafood Paluto has private KTV rooms as well.

Tagaytay is also the place where you can buy customized wood furniture! It’s just such a great place. I could live there.


6 thoughts on “Red Butterfly Travel Series: Tagaytay

  1. I love Tagaytay! It’s my dream to put up a house there. 🙂
    Thanks for the details! I’ve never stayed overnight in Tagaytay even if it was our place to escape during college. 🙂

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