Category: Movies
Genre: Adventure

I have heard about this film but I hadn’t seen the trailer so I had no idea what the film was about when I watched it. I had no expectations.

My first reaction was… WOW! James Cameron was able to create something like that? It was such a visual treat! He was able to make people believe that such a place exists.

But when you think about it, when you strip down the film and take away the spectacular visuals, you’d be left with a very familiar story. Different characters, different setting, same old Hollywood formula. You’ll see that Jake and Neytiri have a lot in common with Jack and Rose (which is a bit disappointing).

Note to the reader: Do not watch this film with someone who has studied filmmaking. He/She might just spoil the fun (lol).

I’m still curious to see it in 3D though (even if it would most probably give me a headache).

I give it 3.5 stars.

Full Trailer:

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