Buckaroo’s Grilled Pizza, Burger & Steaks


If you’re into cowboys (Brokeback Mountain much?), this is the perfect place for you! (LOL)

As the name of the restaurant says, they serve grilled pizzas, burgers and steaks. They also serve pasta, a few appetizers and desserts. The food is not that expensive but it’s not that cheap either. A budget of around 200-300 PHP/person (5-7 USD) is enough. My family ordered the best seller (according to the cowboy waiter) which is the (I forgot the name) “St. Something” Platter, good for 5 people.

The platter tasted ok. The meat (BBQ Beef, Chicken and Baby Back Ribs) was very tender. The seafood pasta was a little bland for me. But what I really wanted to try is their grilled pizza. And their burgers! Hmmm…(Will update this blog once I’ve tried them)

I wish they had a mechanical bull though. I’ve always wanted to try riding on one.

I give it 2.5 spoons.


3 thoughts on “Buckaroo’s Grilled Pizza, Burger & Steaks

  1. cinderella

    i tried a burger there.had the texas chili double burger.its great! charred to perfection.nowadays, burnt food and people go “..but thats bad for u”.we all need a little bad in us from time to time.

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