The Peninsula Manila


No, this blog is not about the hotel. It’s about food (again)! I know… if I don’t stop eating, I could end up joining The Biggest Loser Asia 2!

Anyway, my friends and I love going to The Peninsula Manila, more commonly known as Manila Pen, because of their desserts!

The Peninsula Lobby is open 24 hours. Just ask for the Dessert Menu and order whatever tickles your fancy.

Our favorite is the Pen Pals. It’s a huge (and I mean HUGE) bowl of different scoops of ice cream and sorbet with fresh fruits, waffle sticks, marshmallows, chocolate sauce and whipped cream, good for 6-8 people. It’s a little expensive (990 pesos or 21 USD) but it’s worth it! And if there’s like 8 of you, each will only have to pay around 125 pesos or 3 USD (that’s just like eating an ice cream at Icebergs or drinking a fancy coffee at Starbucks or Coffee Bean).

If you love chocolates, you may want to try their chocolate fondue or better yet, try their Chocolate Symphony Buffet every Friday and Saturday nights, from 8:30pm-12mn. For 600 pesos (13 USD), you can indulge in everything chocolate. The buffet will run until Feb 1, 2010.

Oh! And in case you want to spend the night there, the cheapest room rate is 12,000 pesos (256 USD). Too damn expensive if you ask me! Well, unless of course you’re filthy rich.

I give it 4 spoons and a skewer.

The Peninsula Manila

1226 cor. Ayala Avenue and Makati Avenue, Makati City
Telephone: (+632) 815-4825 / (+632) 887-2888


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