Don’t Buy Hard Drives at CD-R King


It’s portable. It’s cheap. It’s a f*cking piece of crap!

I’m a video editor and a photographer. So I need space. Lots and lots of space. Their flash drives work just fine so I thought, why not try their hard drives? BIG MISTAKE! The first one crashed just after 9 days. They replaced it  with a new one which crashed again. WTF?!

Note to self: Stop being so cheap!

4 thoughts on “Don’t Buy Hard Drives at CD-R King

  1. Bukod sa cheap products (which the masses just love) the service at CD-R king is consistent. Snubbish… etc. The best store is at SM North Edsa Annex kasi may kuya dun who accommodates the customers agad… di tulad sa ibang branch…from trinoma, to moa, to the newly opened one in sm city rosario… consistent… they are all bitchy. requisite ata yun.

    anyway, yez, i buy usbs and i usually buy my optical mouse from cd-r king… okay naman sila, but i wouldn’t risk it for the hard drive. as creative people we really need quality hard drive, so okay lang mag-invest sa Western Digital… or SeaGate… etc etc. hehehe.

    toni we miss you!!

  2. SephJo d^_^b

    ahmm,, i think its fine, since the name of the product itself is not CdRking,, i think you should be worried if the item that your buying was after the store itself,, since the hard drive that im planning to buy to them was different brands like immation , toshiba etc… but i hardly not recommend that you buy their “own” products since the description above was “cheap” and a piece of cr**!! well very true, but why not go to other brands that can also found on their store?? they don’t “just” sell CD’Rking items they also sell different brands which is more trusted than their own products…

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