Central BBQ Boy Grill


Where everyday is a weekend!

It’s the place to be, if you want to drink with your friends and not spend too much. My friends and I have grown quite fond of this place. The music’s a little too loud for us but it’s still a good place to get wasted. We usually go to their branch at Madison Square, Pioneer. It’s such a hassle to go there now though because a condo is being constructed a few feet away.

Our favorite drink there is the “Squeeze Me” (180 pesos or 4 USD). It’s a blue frozen drink that you have to literally squeeze out off a squeeze bottle. It’s a mix of Smirnoff Vodka, Dark Rhum, White Rhum, Gin, Apple Juice, Lemon Juice, Orange Syrup and Pineapple Jam. The 3rd one’s free if you buy 2 Squeeze Mes. We’ve also tried “Bad Boy” and “Bad Girl”. In my opinion, they’re not as good as “Squeeze Me” but they’re ok.

They have most “pulutans” you can think of. If you’re craving for pizza or pasta, you can ask any of the waiters for the Calda Pizza (home of the 36-inch pizza) menu. I recommend the Quattro Cheese pizza! It’s sooooo gooood! Sooo yummy!

I’m pretty sure my friends and I will be coming back to this place soon.

I’m giving it 4 shots! (I would have given it 5 had it not been for the deafening music.)

Central BBQ Boy Grill

Branches: Pioneer, BF Resort Village, BF Homes Parañaque and Ermita

13 thoughts on “Central BBQ Boy Grill

  1. MaLDiTa_KaTz

    >>>Wala akong masabi sa place na e2…hahahhaha….d best…. para sa mag friends, lovers, mag-asawa, sa nanga2liwa….hihihihihihi…kahit cno puedeng magpunta dito…affordable pa… CENTRAL is the best..LOVE IT!!!! mga classmates ko jan…wait for me…<<<<

  2. kaydee

    i really LOVE this bar!!! i left my heart here .. that’s why it keeps me coming back!! hahahah … Central Makati 1 is my favorite of all … the loud crowd, the dancing servers, sumptious pulutans and finest cocktails equals best night out!!!! ILOVE CENTRAL!!!!

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