Slice N’ Dice Steakhouse


They used to serve really large steaks. And I mean as large as the sizzling plates they serve them on. Now, they’re super thin and not that large anymore. Probably because they weren’t earning enough. Cost-cutting I guess. Which is weird because they have a lot of branches all over Quezon City.

They serve T-Bone Steak, Garlic Steak, Steak ala Pobre and now they have Bulalo Steak as well, all for only 99 pesos (2 USD). In my opinion, they all look and taste the same. Well maybe except for the Bulalo Steak (I haven’t tried that one yet, but something tells me it’ll taste like the other steaks they have). I quite enjoy their Cheezy Garlic Mussels though and their Kangkong Stir-Fry.

If you’re on a budget, Slice N’ Dice is a great place to abate your hunger. If you’re on a date (a very cheap one), make sure you don’t eat inside or you’ll both end up smelling like Knorr seasoning or Worcestershire sauce.

I give it 2.5 spoons.

Slice N’ Dice Steakhouse

Branches: Quezon City (Banawe, West Avenue, Granada Street, Kalayaan Avenue, Visayas Avenue, Timog Avenue, E. Rodriguez Avenue and Quezon Avenue), Shaw Boulevard and United Street, Pasig


6 thoughts on “Slice N’ Dice Steakhouse

  1. Tessa

    Beware of staff especially assistant manager of this place in Katipunan, my daughter left her phone for 3 mins at the counter nobody but the staff was there when she went back to get it assistant manager who was the only person there claimed he didnt see anything….too bad…not good for customers and to think there were no other customers at that time….

  2. I’ve been to the Shaw Blvd branch recently and was not that satisfied with their food. Nice to know you enjoy their Cheezy Garlic Mussels and Kangkong Stir-Fry as I wanted to try them as well. Maybe next time..

  3. I went to the Shaw Blvd branch recently and was also not that satisfied.. It’s nice to know you enjoy their Cheezy Garlic Mussels and Kangkong Stir-Fry as I wanted to try them. Well, maybe next time..

  4. vid

    All their steaks taste the same. Don’t bother with the bulalo either its just as chewy as the others with a bit of a salty taste. Its like they don’t use a special rub or marinade at all. Heck! There’s not even a variety in the sauce, just the same old gravy you can easily buy at any supermarket. Somehow their other dishes have succeeded their supposedly house specialties. I don’t think they should even name the franchise slice and dice anymore. Just one of your typical eateries that serve steak on a sizzling plate.

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