Ok, I know. What was I doing at Hooters?! (LOL) No, I haven’t been to the one at Mall of Asia (MOA) here in the the Philippines. That would be a little scary I think. (No offense meant to the women working there). Anyway, the one I went to was in Miami (I pretty much went to a lot of places there). To be quite honest. I had no idea what Hooters was. All I know is that all of the boys got so excited when everyone agreed to have dinner there after one of our training sessions. When we got there, I immediately understood why they were all excited.

The waitresses all had big… well… hooters. They were all very pretty and wearing very skimpy outfits. I remember being asked for an ID by one of them when I ordered a beer. She couldn’t believe that I was already 26 (then). I can’t blame her. I was mistaken for a 15 year old girl by a little kid. HAHAHA!!!

The food was ok. Nothing spectacular. So I guess the main reason to go there is to drink and sightsee.

I give it 3 very large cups spoons.


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