I’m Supporting…


The passionate and proud Dick. Yes. I’m supporting Gordon.

But I won’t mind if Gibo wins. I think they both have what it takes to lead the country.

(Image from ivoteph.com)

What I like about Gordon is his track record. He has done a lot of good things for the country already and I’m pretty sure he can do a lot more if he becomes the president. He can be weepy and/or arrogant at times (or most of the time) but that’s because he wears his heart on his sleeve. A passionate, forward-thinking leader could just be what our country needs to bring about a much needed change.

What I like about Gibo, on the other hand, is that he exudes an aura of being cool, calm and collected at all times. He’s very intelligent. He thinks first before opening his mouth. He seldom shows his emotion (totally different from Gordon). And so far, he has not participated in the “Mudfest” that has been going on among the candidates. I think that’s because he thinks it’s beneath him. If he wins, good for him and hopefully, good for us as well.

For a time, I was also considering supporting Manny Villar but changed my mind when I heard that he’s about to sign an anti-RH bill covenant by the church. In my opinion, the church should be there to help people decide. Not to decide for the people.

Some people might be wondering why Noynoy is not on my list. Well, that’s because I don’t believe in him. I don’t think he has the capacity to lead. When asked about his poor performance in the Congress and the Senate, his reply was that there are already so many laws and that they just need to be enforced. That would have been a good enough answer except, he’s supposed to be a lawmaker and not a law enforcer. He hasn’t been doing his job properly and yet he’s one of the biggest spenders. I don’t know. Maybe his intentions are good. But he’s just not good enough. Take away Cory, Ninoy and Kris in the picture and I’m pretty sure people won’t even be talking about him.

Both my parents are pro-Noynoy. When I asked them why, they answered: “Eh sino pa? Si Villar? Si Gordon? Eh wala namang panalo yun.” This answer really ticked me off. People who know me, know that I’m a very open-minded person. I respect other people’s opinion, especially my parents’. But that answer was just so… uneducated. It was so ridiculous. It’s as if there’s a “sabong” (cockfight) and they’re betting on who’s most probably going to win. I argued that they shouldn’t look at it that way. That they should look at what the candidates did and what they’re planning to do for the country. I even told them that Lito Lapid’s even better than Noynoy. But they just wouldn’t listen. I guess people from their generation are like that. Very stubborn  and very gullible. They have this notion that what they see on the news is the absolute truth. Aside from that, they probably think they know better since they’re older. I was so frustrated at them, I put a Villar sticker inside my car just to tick them off. Of course, my mom got rid of it the next day.

We Pinoys have a very long history of voting for people who other people think we should vote for. I think it’s time we vote for someone who WE THINK we should vote for. Let’s use our heads this time.


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