Red Butterfly Travel Series: Boracay Weekend


Only really, really, really busy people or crazy people would go to Boracay and stay for just one night. Unfortunately for us, my friend Hazel and I fall under both categories. I don’t know what we were thinking but somehow, we both decided to spend one weekend in Boracay.

We arrived at the Kalibo “International” Airport (one of the worst airports I’ve been to) before 12nn. The land travel took more than an hour and a half plus another 15-20 minutes or so for the boat transfer, so we arrived at our hotel a little before 2pm.

We stayed at Hey Jude Resort Hotel Boracay. We got the Deluxe room for only 2,000 pesos (43 USD). This includes:

  • 2 double beds
  • A/C
  • Hot and cold shower
  • Safety deposit box
  • Cable TV
  • Free Wi-Fi access (which we weren’t able to access)
  • 24 hour standby generator

The room was ok. It was actually large enough for 4 people. The hotel’s a little far from the beach though but it’s near D’Mall at Station 2.

Hey Jude Resort Hotel Boracay
D’Mall D’ Boracay, Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan
+63362885401 to 02 / +639216247157 / +639228173227

Since we only had limited time, we went straight to the beach, ate Chori Burgers, hotdogs, chicken isaw (chicken intestines) and drank fruit shake. Bad news to Jonah’s Fruit shake fans, they moved somewhere along the main road. They’re no longer near the beach. Anyway, while Hazel was swimming, one of the locals approached me and offered me free buffet dinner at Astoria Boracay. Apparently, they just opened and they’re inviting people to take a look inside the hotel. I said sure, why not. Hazel and I didn’t have anything planned anyway plus we didn’t have to spend for dinner.

We arrived around 7pm at Astoria. They interviewed us first before bringing us to the buffet area. In short, they were screening people if they’re worth the effort of talking to = if they can afford the membership fee. This didn’t bother us since we really just wanted to see the place and eat free food (evil laugh). The food was good by the way.

After we’re done eating, someone accompanied us for a tour of the hotel. Actually, it wasn’t much of a tour since he only showed us the pool area and one of the rooms near the pool.

There was supposed to be a 90-minute presentation as well, but I guess they realized early on that we’re not really interested. This was ok with us since we already wanted to drink.

We drank at Zuzuni. It’s a Boutique Hotel & Restaurant (which we didn’t know at that time). We ordered 2 cocktails and a bucket of beer. It was happy hour so we got the drinks at a cheaper price.

The next morning, we woke up early to buy brownies at Real Coffee (which we had a hard time searching for). Since there was coffee at the hotel where we were staying, we went back and ate our brownies there.Yes. We are that cheap. Haha!

Since it was still early, we decided to go back to the beach and swim (for three hours). Around 10:45am, we decided to go back to our hotel to take a shower and pack our stuff.

We had lunch at Mañana. The food was ok but expensive!

We ordered Nachos and Burritos. We were so full, we wanted to barf everything we ate. But then we remembered how expensive the food was so we decided to just have a fling (frozen yogurt with mango bits).

Around 2pm we started heading back to Caticlan port sad, tired and thinking “What the hell did we just do?”.

I miss Boracay already…

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