Eat & Go


Fast, fresh and delicious.

Well, that’s what their tagline says. However, some food lovers (like me) might disagree.

Fast. Yes, in fairness to them, the service was fast. The server took our orders then came back a few minutes later with our food.

We ordered Chicken Saltimbocca aka Chicken Cordon Bleu with Rice and Beans (175 pesos or 4 USD) and Sesame Back Ribs with Corn and Spaghetti (255 pesos or 6 USD).

Fresh. I’m not so sure about the freshness part. To me, the food tasted like something that’s been sitting there for hours then reheated (that’s probably why the service was fast).

Delicious. I wasn’t that happy with the food so I won’t say it’s delicious. I liked their Kiwi-Lime Cooler (90 pesos or 2 USD) though so they get points for that. It’s very refreshing and great to have especially when it’s super humid and hot outside.

I also have an issue with the place. It’s not dirty but it’s not clean either. I dunno. It’s a place I’d probably go back to just for the coolers. Or maybe not.

I give it 2 out of 5 spoons.

Eat & Go

3F SM Megamall Atrium

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