Seeing Aphrodite


“I’m fierce and I’m feeling mighty.
I’m a golden girl, I’m an aphrodite, alright.”

I know… this is such a late post. Not only have I been busy, my internet connection has been crappy for the past few weeks as well.

Anyway, Kylie Minogue came to the Philippines for the first time last July 5, 2011. I haven’t seen any of her concerts (in other countries or on DVD) so I didn’t know what to expect. Well, since it’s a Kylie concert, I kinda expected it to be good.

I was wrong. Not only was it good, it was fantastic! It was an extravaganza! From the set design, to the lighting, to the projected images, to the outfits! Everything was so beautiful! I was enthralled! I found myself screaming and dancing and singing along most of the songs.

She sang songs from the Aphrodite album, Fever, Light Years, X and some classic Kylie songs. The crowd went wild when she sang Especially For You and Locomotion.

Yes, I was sitting/dancing/singing my heart out somewhere at the topmost area of the Araneta Coliseum (now known as Smart Araneta Coliseum). I was specifically at the general admission area; the tickets were expensive! I didn’t care that I couldn’t see Kylie properly or that the area was dirty, sticky and icky! I had great company (thanks George and Apols) and a really, really good time.

It was my first time to watch a foreign act concert and I’m so happy it’s a Kylie Minogue concert. I got to see Aphrodite! That’s one off the bucket list!

The people who watched Kylie’s concert got their money’s worth. Not only was it amazing, it was EPIC!


Kylie Minogue – Get Outta My Way

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