The Adobo Connection


There are so many versions of Adobo. My favorite is Chicken Adobo with Liver (cooked by my dad).  Yes, it has to be cooked by my dad.

I tried looking for something similar to what my dad usually cooks at Adobo Connection but couldn’t find one. The closest, I think, is the Adobo sa Gata – Chicken Adobo with coconut milk, garlic and liver sauce (179 PHP or around 4 USD).  It was ok, but it wasn’t as yummy as what my dad cooks.

I also tried Mama’s Mixed Adobo – slow cooked chicken and pork in traditional adobo sauce (169 PHP) and their Gising Gising (99 PHP or around 2 USD) which I loved.

They used to have a branch in Quezon City but now they’re in De La Rosa, Makati.

I give it 3 spoons.

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