Omakase Japanese Cuisine


I actually have not heard of Omakase until my former officemate brought me and our other officemates there on his last day. I was a little hesitant at first (due to budget constraints), but how can you say no to someone who’s leaving right?

Omakase is the Japanese word for the phrase “I’ll leave it to you”. It’s something you would say to the chef if you want to order something off the menu. Of course we didn’t order omakase. I don’t know if they even offer that kind of service. We did order a lot of food on the menu though.

Omakase salad, Miso Soup, a platter of Maki and Sushi, Udon, Ika Fry and lot more. The food was so good I forgot to take a photo of everything we ordered.

When we got the bill, I was shocked, because it wasn’t that expensive! A budget of 200-300 PHP (around 5-7 USD) per person is enough.

I give it 4 chopsticks!

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