The World Class Persian Kabab


First of all, the use of the term world-class in any kind of restaurant (or business) is a little weird and off-putting. Second, they need to clean the place up. Seriously. But since my friend, George and I were craving for some kebab (and this restaurant is near our workplace), we decided to try the food there with some reluctance.

I ordered the Beef Shawarma Rice while he ordered the Beef Kebab. We also tried the Ox Brain (sounds gross but it’s actually good).

If you don’t want to smell like Shawarma after eating there, don’t eat inside. They have tables outside for al fresco dining. The downside is that there are some street children that might beg for money or food (which might annoy some people). If you’re in a generous mood, you may give them food. I don’t advise giving them money because there’s no way to know where that money would go.

It was a so-so experience. The price wasn’t that bad. A budget of 150 PHP (4 USD) per person would be enough. I still prefer Mister Kebab though.

I give this restaurant 2.5/5 spoons.

Food – 3 spoons
Ambience – 1 spoon
Price – 3 spoons
Service – 3 spoons

World Class Persian Kabab
E. Rodriguez Kristong Hari, Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 497-6273

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