Before I go to the crazy part of the trip, let me tell you about the other good things we experienced there.

Part 2: Phuket

When we arrived in Phuket, we were given free SIM cards. One of my friends used it and said that the mobile internet’s fast. Didn’t use mine since I didn’t want to keep on using my phone.

We stayed at 7Q Hotel now known as 7Q Resident which is located near Kalim Beach. I liked the beach there. It’s clean and relaxing since there weren’t too many people.

It’s also a Tsunami Hazard Zone so if people tell you to evacuate, drop whatever it is you’re doing and EVACUATE! But of course, tsunami’s don’t happen often so I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to enjoy the beach.

Travel Tip #2: Always, ALWAYS check the weather wherever you’re going and research the best months to go there. You wouldn’t want to travel during monsoon season. Unless you want to travel during the monsoon season.

Where to Go:

There are a lot of things you can do there. The hotels usually can recommend tours for you. We did a half-day City Tour for 850 Baht per pax (around 6 USD) including hotel pick-up and drop-off.

  • Kata View Point

  • Big Buddha – It’s one of the most revered places there so be polite.

  • Chalong Temple

  • Cashew Nut Factory – According to them, Cashew Juice helps reduce inflammation and infections of the respiratory tract and strengthens lungs. It also improves eyesight and memory.

  • Phuket Town – try the Thai milk teas sold on the streets!
  • Fresh Market

Make sure to go to Koh Phi Phi as well. It’s where the movie “The Beach” was shot. If you’re not familiar with the movie, here’s the music video.

It looks a little bit like Palawan (in the Philippines) with less beach area. Allot a full day for it.

That’s Jennifer by the way. She’s our super funny ladyboy tour guide.

If you’re tired of the beach and suddenly miss going to a mall (which would be really weird), go to Jungceylon Mall.

Where to Eat: 

Below is just a list of the restaurants we tried. There are a lot of new restaurants there to try!

Travel Tip #3: Always bring antacid (and maybe even Loperamide) especially if you plan to eat and eat and eat!

  • Bo’s Beach Bar – It’s only a few blocks away from the 7Q Resident. They serve Dutch, American and Thai food.

  • 9th Floor Bar and Restaurant – It’s a fine dining restaurant so make sure to wear something appropriate! It’s a little expensive there so if you want to eat somewhere cheaper, try…

  • No. 6 Restaurant – You’re in Thailand. Try the local food. It’s yummy! There’s also a No. 9 Restaurant. Try both to compare.

  • BBQ Hut Smokehouse – When we were there, this restaurant was the best Mexican place there. Now, Cayote Phuket holds the title. Leave a comment and let me know if Cayote Phuket’s really good.

  • Wai Thai and Seafood Restaurant – Thai food by the beach. How can you say no to that? Plus the food there is not that expensive. And the Pineapple Rice is really good!

Now what do you do at night in Phuket? Read my next post!


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