Ikariam Version 0.3.2 and The New Way of Researching


The new version is coming out soon! Here’s what’s new:

  • Feature — Vacation mode has been revised: A player can always go into vacation mode now. Fleets and armies that are on their way to another player’s city will complete their current missions. However, new missions can only be started when the current mission has been completed. Stationed troops and armies (ie. a players’ fleets in general) that are currently on their way somewhere are scattered. Building jobs are stopped when you enter vacation mode and are continued again once you have logged back into the game. Continue reading

Ikariam Defense 101


This is a guide you may use to help you defend your town/s. This is especially made for those new in the game and those who’ve been playing for a while now, but still have no clue how to defend themselves properly.

Build Phalanxes. They’re cheap to fully upgrade and build, and you get a bonus when defending. Keep a minimum of 100 phalanx in any city you have that have a number of resources.

Your Town Wall should be as high as you can build it to give you the best defense bonus. Preferably as high as your Town Hall or even higher. This will give your Phalanx even more defensive bonus. Continue reading

Game of the Generals Online


Do you remember this game? If you don’t, you’re probably too young. I used to play this when I was a kid. I know, I’m not the typical girly kid. I wasn’t into Barbie dolls or any other kind of dolls. I was more into lutu-lutoan, chinese garter, 10-20, piko, squirt guns, jolens, tex, siato, puzzles (the really complicated ones), lego, monopoly, nintendo, trump cards, magic cards, chess and playing cards. I remember playing chess and pusoy dos or tongits with my father and brother every Saturday afternoon right after siesta. And then I would play games of the general with my cousins who are all boys. This is probably where I got my “palaban” attitude. Imagine living with mostly boys. You don’t get to be maarte or you’ll get smacked or ganged up on.

Anyway, back to the Game of the Generals…
This game is all about strategy and anticipating your enemy’s moves. I love it!
It’s so nice to know that a pinoy invented this game and what’s even better is it’s now online!

Click on this link: Game of the Generals