I’m Supporting…


The passionate and proud Dick. Yes. I’m supporting Gordon.

But I won’t mind if Gibo wins. I think they both have what it takes to lead the country.

(Image from ivoteph.com)

What I like about Gordon is his track record. He has done a lot of good things for the country already and I’m pretty sure he can do a lot more if he becomes the president. He can be weepy and/or arrogant at times (or most of the time) but that’s because he wears his heart on his sleeve. A passionate, forward-thinking leader could just be what our country needs to bring about a much needed change.

What I like about Gibo, on the other hand, is that he exudes an aura of being cool, calm and collected at all times. He’s very intelligent. He thinks first before opening his mouth. He seldom shows his emotion (totally different from Gordon). And so far, he has not participated in the “Mudfest” that has been going on among the candidates. I think that’s because he thinks it’s beneath him. If he wins, good for him and hopefully, good for us as well. Continue reading


Campaigning Thru Text?


Kumusta naman toh? I was about to sleep when my phone beeped. May nag-text.

Tama na ang JUST-TIIS, ang kailangan JUSTICE!!!

Use Your Vote, Fight for JUSTICE!


Ang Pwersa ng Hustisya!!

For more info, please visit: http://www.justicemanbello.com

Please join our cause for JUSTICE. Kindly pass to your friends & relatives.

WTH?! Ano to? First of all, I don’t know who this Justiceman Bello is. Pangalawa, na-bother ako. Do they just randomly press numbers? Or may connect sila sa Globe? It’s from this unknown number: 09172031613. Whoever you are, nakakaloka ka!

I really hate unsolicited texts.

Anyway, the Comelec has no ruling yet on text campaigning. Sheesh! What’s new?

Si Ondoy at ang mga Presidentiables


Bilang tugon sa request mula sa mga kaibigan sa ibang bansa.
Ito ang isang compilation ng mga kung anong ginawa at ginagawa nila.
Walang halong bias. Just stating facts.
If you have something to add, please don’t hesitate to leave a message.

(*Controversial entries need to be confirmed. Sana hindi totoo.)

Sa mga supporters, ng iba’t-ibang Presidentiables, wag magalit sakin. I’m just merely compiling.

Manny Villar
During the Storm:
– Deployed 35 Dump Trucks to rescue people
– Put up his own Text Hotline to help people.
– Sent packed food to evacuees. Continue reading

Si Ondoy, Ang Power ng Media at Kung Bakit Walang Magiging “Magaling” na Presidente sa Pilipinas


By Toni Cruz

Apat na presidente na ang pinagdaanan ko. Sina Cory, Ramos, Erap at Gloria.
Actually, lima. Isama na natin si Marcos although mashado pa kong bata nun so hindi ko na siya ika-count.
I was too young and too confused to know na may Martial Law pala.

I have this memory nung bata pa ako. Nakasakay kami sa jeep. Ako (around 5 years old), pinsan ko, Mama ko, Tita ko at Lola ko. I remember my cousin asking me: Kanino ka? Kay Marcos o kay Cory?
Ang sabi ko, Marcos! Tapos sabay kaming nag-chant ng Marcos! Marcos! Marcos! (with matching Marcos sign) Shempre bonggang-bonggang nagalit ang mom ko at sinaway kami! HAHA! Mapapahamak pa sya dahil sakin bilang nakatingin ng masama yung ibang tao sa jeep. Yes, isa akong pasaway na bata. Malay ko ba na marami palang naipapatay na tao nun at hayok sa kapangyarihan ang dating presidente?

Nagkaron ng snap elections. Nanalo si Marcos.
Nagkaron ng People Power. Naging presidente si Cory. Continue reading

The Power of Garbage!



I was hired to cover this event last July 24 at the MMPC Grounds in Montalban Rizal. It’s near a landfill so just imagine the smell. It’s a place where large flies (bangaw) and other mutant insects are part of the society. I had a hard time breathing while I was there. Aside from the funky smell, there were a lot of people as well (media in particular) plus I haven’t had sleep yet at that time so just imagine how cranky I was.

The program started around 11.30am. I was there by 6am so it was really a long day for me. A certain priest said a prayer which sounded more like a sermon. It was rather long and repetitious. The gist of which was thanking God for the garbage. I know… but it gets weirder. The president of the power plant gave a speech. I expected to hear the words world-class and garbage but not together in one sentence. He said, we Filipinos should be proud because we have a world-class garbage. Huwwhaat?! I wasn’t able to hear the rest of his speech because I was stuck on that world-class part. I mean, I’m glad they’re able to develop this technology that would convert methane gas into electricity. I really do. But to be proud of the amount and quality of rubbish we make is just crazy.

PGMAThen PGMA (President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo) arrived. With hundreds of PSGs. I was the only photographer, aside from Malacañang’s personal photographer and videographer, allowed to follow PGMA inside while she toured the power plant. I think some, if not most, of the media people got pissed at me. I felt like a dolphin swimming in shark-infested waters (Trivia: Sharks are afraid of dolphins – I found out about this when I was working on ships). This opened my eyes on how ruthless and stubborn and irritating most media people are. They’re the perfect case study for the Talangka Mentality Syndrome that Pinoys have. While the PSGs are perfect for the Feeling Important Syndrome.

Other politicians were there as well. Well… they were just there. I guess to be  photographed and interviewed and to see PGMA push the button to signify the start of operations of the plant. If PGMA had just said something, anything, the wait (the program was moved an hour later because of her) would have been worth it. But she didn’t. She looked like she couldn’t wait to leave. So basically, she just went there to walk inside the power plant, smile, be photographed, push the red button, smile, be photographed again and then leave. I know she’s a busy person but saying something won’t hurt. I guess, for her, this will just be one of those things that she will make “bida” on her SONA tomorrow. (Update: She didn’t talk about it in her SONA which was surprising.)

Frankly, after that, I’m more impressed with our garbage than with our president and the Media.

To view other photos, click on this link: MMPC