Don’t Buy Hard Drives at CD-R King


It’s portable. It’s cheap. It’s a f*cking piece of crap!

I’m a video editor and a photographer. So I need space. Lots and lots of space. Their flash drives work just fine so I thought, why not try their hard drives? BIG MISTAKE! The first one crashed just after 9 days. They replaced it  with a new one which crashed again. WTF?!

Note to self: Stop being so cheap!


Namamasko Po!


Nung bata ako, isang beses lang ako nakaranas mangaroling kasama ang mga pinsan ko. Gamit ang pinitpit na mga tansan na binutasan sa gitna para maisabit sa alambre at tambol na gawa sa binutas na lata ng Nido or Bona at tinakpan ng plastic na nilagyan ng sangkaterbang goma, inikot namin ang Baranggay Ube sa Sta. Mesa. Isang beses lang nangyari yun dahil hindi na uli ako pinayagan ng lola ko. Pero very memorable siya kasi mega effort dahil kami ang gumawa ng mga instrumento namin.

Ngayon sobrang disappointed ako. Actually, matagal na pala. Mga 2-3 years na kong disappointed. Kasi madalas yung mga nangangaroling na mga bata sa amin, pumapalakpak lang. Or minsan nga wala pang palakpak. Kanta lang talaga. At solo flight! Kaloka! Nung bata ako, ni hindi pumasok sa isip ko na mangaroling mag-isa. Ang lungkot kaya nun! Pero sige na nga… siguro dala ng kahirapan kaya ang strategy ng mga bata ngayon, mag-solo para wala nang hatiang magaganap. Kanya-kanyang diskarte. Kanya-kanyang kanta. Nakakalungkot lang kasi parang nawala na yung pag-effort na manghingi sa tindahan ng mga tansan or maghanap ng gamit na lata ng gatas. Nawala na yung effort, nawala pa yung fun. Parang nagiging “kabuhayan” na siya ng ibang mga bata. Ganun na ba talaga ngayon? Ganun na kahirap ang mga tao? Continue reading

Clit Talk


Two of my guy friends and I went for coffee (one’s gay and the other one’s straight) some nights ago at Rockwell. I don’t know how it happened but somehow, our conversation suddenly went from weddings to clits or clitorises.

We talked about how in some cultures or religions, female circumcision is obligatory. They were asking how it would feel for a woman. Since I was the only woman there, they were looking at me for an answer. I was like, how the hell would I know? I’m not circumcised. And I’m not planning to be so anytime in the future. Aside from how that procedure must hurt, I can’t stand the fact that women were and still are (in some places) looked down upon that much. Do they think women are so untrustworthy and prone to temptation that they have to take away something that would give women pleasure? In some places, they would find a woman “dirty” if she has a clit. Which, I think, is just crazy (no offense meant to people who believe in that custom or practice).

Then suddenly out of nowhere, my gay friend asked: What happens to the clits that have been removed? Do they keep them as souvenirs?

At that point, we started laughing like crazy and thinking of what “might” have happened to the clits.

Here are a few of them:

  • The clits became charms or “anting-antings” for men.
  • They made them hard and sold them as earrings or pendants.
  • They became keychains.
  • They cooked them and ate them like peanuts.

I’m pretty sure none of these happened to the clits. I’m just so glad I wasn’t born in any of those places.

Oh! And yes, I have crazy friends.