Now for the crazy part! Even if you’re not into partying, you have to experience the nightlife in Phuket! You don’t have to get wasted like most people who go there to party. It’s also fun to watch drunk people (or drunk people trying to flirt with you).

Part 3: Bangla Road (Soi Bangla)

Soi Bangla is Patong’s party zone. It comes alive right after sunset. Aside from bars, there are also street vendors selling all sorts of stuff there like this cute Thai guy below.

If you’re adventurous, you may want to try eating street food.

The bars are right next to each other so you can either just choose one and stay there for the rest of the night or bar crawl. By the way, I think all of the bars have poles for pole dancing.

We went to Soi Eric first and ordered one drink there before moving to a different bar.

Travel Tip #4: If you’re travelling alone and you want to drink, ask the server to open the bottle in front of you or if you prefer cocktails, try sticking with the clear ones just to make sure it doesn’t have anything that’s not supposed to be in it. This includes drinks given to you by other people. Safety first!

Travel Tip #5: Know your alcohol limit! Whether you’re travelling alone or with a group of friends, puke doesn’t look (and smell) good on anyone. Drink water after every drink (or after 2 drinks if you have high tolerance for alcohol).

We went to a go go bar after and were immediately given a connect four game as we ordered drinks.

One of the girls then asked if we wanted to play a Jenga game with them. The catch: whoever loses will have to pole dance!

The girls (well actually we suspect that one of them is a lady boy) were really friendly and funny. The plan was to move to another bar after a few drinks but since everyone was having a good time, we stayed and ordered more drinks.

Travel Tip #6: If you see a bell in one of the go go bars, don’t ring it! Unless you want to buy everyone there a drink!

After the first round of Jenga, the girls gave us free drinks. I suspect to make us lower our guards and drink more. Well… they succeeded. Because we kept ordering drinks. One of my friends even rang the bell so one round was on him. And I remember a guy drinking by himself ringing the bell as well. Actually, I’m no longer sure how many times it rang. What I’m sure about is that we kept on drinking… and drinking.

Honestly, I’m not sure how we got home that night. When I looked at the pictures in my camera the next day, these photos were there.

Ok, I’m going to stop here because my friends might kill me if I release the other NSFW photos.

I also have a lot of blurred photos which usually indicates that the camera person (in this case, me) is drunk.

Travel Tip #7: If you plan to get wasted, make sure your camera has a neck strap. Or to be sure, don’t bring a camera. Just use your phone. Actually… you might lose your phone so make sure you have a pocket or bring a cheap phone. And bring just enough money!

Send me a comment if you’ve experienced something similar!

My next post will be all about Bali (and a little bit of Singapore again). Watch out for it!




Before I go to the crazy part of the trip, let me tell you about the other good things we experienced there.

Part 2: Phuket

When we arrived in Phuket, we were given free SIM cards. One of my friends used it and said that the mobile internet’s fast. Didn’t use mine since I didn’t want to keep on using my phone.

We stayed at 7Q Hotel now known as 7Q Resident which is located near Kalim Beach. I liked the beach there. It’s clean and relaxing since there weren’t too many people.

It’s also a Tsunami Hazard Zone so if people tell you to evacuate, drop whatever it is you’re doing and EVACUATE! But of course, tsunami’s don’t happen often so I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to enjoy the beach.

Travel Tip #2: Always, ALWAYS check the weather wherever you’re going and research the best months to go there. You wouldn’t want to travel during monsoon season. Unless you want to travel during the monsoon season.

Where to Go:

There are a lot of things you can do there. The hotels usually can recommend tours for you. We did a half-day City Tour for 850 Baht per pax (around 6 USD) including hotel pick-up and drop-off.

  • Kata View Point

  • Big Buddha – It’s one of the most revered places there so be polite.

  • Chalong Temple

  • Cashew Nut Factory – According to them, Cashew Juice helps reduce inflammation and infections of the respiratory tract and strengthens lungs. It also improves eyesight and memory.

  • Phuket Town – try the Thai milk teas sold on the streets!
  • Fresh Market

Make sure to go to Koh Phi Phi as well. It’s where the movie “The Beach” was shot. If you’re not familiar with the movie, here’s the music video.

It looks a little bit like Palawan (in the Philippines) with less beach area. Allot a full day for it.

That’s Jennifer by the way. She’s our super funny ladyboy tour guide.

If you’re tired of the beach and suddenly miss going to a mall (which would be really weird), go to Jungceylon Mall.

Where to Eat: 

Below is just a list of the restaurants we tried. There are a lot of new restaurants there to try!

Travel Tip #3: Always bring antacid (and maybe even Loperamide) especially if you plan to eat and eat and eat!

  • Bo’s Beach Bar – It’s only a few blocks away from the 7Q Resident. They serve Dutch, American and Thai food.

  • 9th Floor Bar and Restaurant – It’s a fine dining restaurant so make sure to wear something appropriate! It’s a little expensive there so if you want to eat somewhere cheaper, try…

  • No. 6 Restaurant – You’re in Thailand. Try the local food. It’s yummy! There’s also a No. 9 Restaurant. Try both to compare.

  • BBQ Hut Smokehouse – When we were there, this restaurant was the best Mexican place there. Now, Cayote Phuket holds the title. Leave a comment and let me know if Cayote Phuket’s really good.

  • Wai Thai and Seafood Restaurant – Thai food by the beach. How can you say no to that? Plus the food there is not that expensive. And the Pineapple Rice is really good!

Now what do you do at night in Phuket? Read my next post!



If you’ve seen the movie “The Hangover Part II”, I can tell you, based on experience, that it’s pretty… spot on! But before I tell you my Bangla story, let me start with the “boring” stuff.

Part 1: Singapore

My journey to Phuket started in Singapore. The first time I went to Singapore (with my mom and her friends), I got bored. This time, it was a little better since I was with friends.

Travel Tip #1: It’s expensive in Singapore so to save money, stay with friends who live there or look for inexpensive accommodations through Agoda or Airbnb.

Where to Eat:

There are a lot of places where to eat good food in Singapore. You just have to be adventurous and have an empty stomach.

  • Makansutra Gluttons Bay – You have to try the Cereal Prawns and the Sambal Stingray (average of 6 SGD per meal per person or 4-5 USD)!
  • Nando’s – They have a Jumbo Platter good for 4-6 people (around 15 SGD per person or 12 USD).

  • Ikea – Yes, Ikea. You have to try the Meatballs, the Chicken Wings and the Daim Cake (around 5-26 SGD or 4-21 USD).

  • Pasta de Waraku – Japanese Pasta and Pizza. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it (around 15 SGD per person or 12 USD).

  • Barossa – I actually didn’t eat there. I just drank. Try their Archi Pelago beer sampler (12-32 SGD or 10-26 USD depending on size).

I’m going to stop here and add more on my next posts since I usually stop over Singapore or Kuala Lumpur whenever I go out of the country.



Went to Potipot the second time with the same group of friends during Holy Week a few years ago (I know… I’m super back-blogged). What I like about it is it’s near enough that you only need to drive a few hours.

Roadtrip Tip #1: If you like to go on roadtrips going to the North, buy an Easytrip tag. Save’s you time since you have your own lane (EC/Eastytrip lane). Very helpful especially during Holy Week.

And if you’re going on a roadtrip during Holy Week like we did… Roadtrip #2: Don’t open the car window unless you want to be be splattered with the blood of self-flagellating Catholic devouts.

We stayed at The Harvest Beach Resort. The place was ok. The rooms were large enough to accommodate all of us. We booked 2 rooms with 4 pax per room. It wasn’t that expensive. Tried to look for their current rates but couldn’t find any. If you’re interested to know how much a room costs, try contacting them – 0917 865 0002.

As what I’ve mention in my previous Potipot post, there’s still nothing much to do there. But if you’re addicted to sunsets like I am, you will like it there.

Bonus Tip: DON’T BRING YOUR CRAP! If you plan to bring water, bring back the empty bottle! Unless you want to see a mountain of plastic/glass bottles in the island.

Let’s keep the island clean so other people (and your future grandchildren) can enjoy it as well.

Now go on a roadtrip! #itsmorefuninthephilippines #visitph2015



I’ve never imagined going to Batanes. EVER. I usually only hear about the place whenever there’s a storm or a typhoon in the northernmost part of the country. Very seldom do I hear about it being talked about as a vacation or a tourist spot. Which, I now realize, is very puzzling considering how breathtakingly beautiful the place is.

Since I didn’t know anything about Batanes (at that time), my friends were the ones who took care of everything. They booked the flights (which were on sale at that time – half the regular price if I’m not mistaken), the accommodations, and the tours.

We got the round trip tickets (Manila-Basco-Manila) for around 7,000 PHP or 156 USD. The original price at that time’s around 14,000 PHP or 311 USD. PAL Express regularly flies there now for 12,000 or 267 USD (roundtrip).

We were picked up at the airport by our very cool and very kind tour guide – Chris Cataluña. And then headed towards the port going to Sabtang Island.

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It has been a while since I blogged about traveling. It’s not because I haven’t been traveling; it’s actually the opposite. I’ve been to a lot of different places over the past few years and now I’m back(b)logged. For the next few weeks (or most probably, months), I will try to write about all of my travels.

Let’s start with my very peaceful and relaxing stay at Palm Beach Resort, San Juan, Batangas.

Depending on traffic, it’s a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive from Manila. It took, my friends and I, 4 hours though. But that’s because we had stopovers along the way. It’s located somewhere after La Luz Beach Resort (which, in my opinion, is a little overrated).

We didn’t have  a reservation when we got there. Actually, we went to La Luz first but didn’t like what we saw so we tried to look for another resort. We were in luck because there were still a couple of rooms available. There were 6 of us in the group – a newlywed couple and 4 singletons. In short, we crashed our friend’s honeymoon.

We got the Casitas Royale Suite (6,300 PHP or 141 USD). Standard room occupancy is 4 so we just added 1,600 PHP or 36 USD for the extra 2 people. The room was large enough for 6. They just had to put extra mattresses and towels.


  • 2 double beds
  • 1 day bed
  • A/C
  • Mini fridge
  • DVD Player
  • Cable TV
  • Use of pool and jacuzzi
  • Welcome drinks
  • Complimentary use of Wifi

For an extra 1,540 PHP or 35 USD per pax, guests get to eat buffet lunch, snack, dinner and breakfast with bottomless fruit juice, iced tea, coffee and/or tea. You actually have no choice but to avail this because aside from being “mandatory”, there aren’t any other restaurants near the resort.

We didn’t mind though, because the food was good and service was great.

Even if it doesn’t look it, there are actually a lot of things to do there. For a fee, guests can do any of the following:

Glass Bottomed Boat P3,000/hour (up to 10 pax) minumum 30 minutes
Speed Boat P1,375/15 mins. OR P4,500/hour minimum 15 minutes
Kayaks P 200/hour P 200/hour
Bancas Check at reception Check at reception
Snorkels and Masks P100/2 hours P50/additional hour (Lost/Damaged P1,000)
Banana Boat w/ Speed Boat P1,500/15 mins. for 7 pax OR P5,000/hr. minimum 15 minutes
Wall climb P 150/head per climb
Rappelling P 100/head per rappel

If you’re like us and you just want to get away from city and the stress, just chill and relax by the beach or the infinity pool.

They don’t have a spa there but if you want, to complete your relaxing trip, ask any of the wait staff or the receptionist if they know any massage therapists and they will send one (or more, depending on how many of you want to have a massage) to your room.

I fell asleep while I was being massaged. That’s how good the massage was. I had a great time there.

Palm Beach Resort
Hugom, San Juan, Batangas
+63 (920) 951-6051 / +63 (920) 945-6215

Red Butterfly Travel Series: Boracay Weekend


Only really, really, really busy people or crazy people would go to Boracay and stay for just one night. Unfortunately for us, my friend Hazel and I fall under both categories. I don’t know what we were thinking but somehow, we both decided to spend one weekend in Boracay.

We arrived at the Kalibo “International” Airport (one of the worst airports I’ve been to) before 12nn. The land travel took more than an hour and a half plus another 15-20 minutes or so for the boat transfer, so we arrived at our hotel a little before 2pm.

We stayed at Hey Jude Resort Hotel Boracay. We got the Deluxe room for only 2,000 pesos (43 USD). This includes:

  • 2 double beds
  • A/C
  • Hot and cold shower
  • Safety deposit box
  • Cable TV
  • Free Wi-Fi access (which we weren’t able to access)
  • 24 hour standby generator

The room was ok. It was actually large enough for 4 people. The hotel’s a little far from the beach though but it’s near D’Mall at Station 2.

Hey Jude Resort Hotel Boracay
D’Mall D’ Boracay, Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan
+63362885401 to 02 / +639216247157 / +639228173227

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