The Rendezvous


Have I met you?
I wonder. Because I’ve been
meaning to meet you.

If I have already met you
and I didn’t notice, I’m sorry.
I have been preoccupied with other things. Lots of other things.

Have I met you?
I wonder. Because if I have,
I’d like for us to meet again.
If that’s okay with you.

However, if I haven’t met you and you’re still out there waiting
or taking your time, or preoccupied with something,
I’d like to meet you.

I may not know when or where or how,
But if you decide to pass by, please let me know it’s you.
So I can say hi.


Cat’s Tongue


By Pulang Paruparo and F. Abuel

The night slowly fades

and I become the moonshine

drowning in the shadows

with you. I am light

and darkness,

white as a┬áking’s tiger

black as a queen’s cat

purring, tempting you

to feed me your bowl of milk

which I relentlessly lick clean

my tongue savoring you.