The 36″ Pizza


No, we didn’t try the 36-inch pizza. There were only 3 of us in the group so eating a pizza that humongous is just impossible. A group of students near our table ordered one though. At that time, there was a promo at El Buono. A group of 10 can order a 36-inch pizza and if they finish it in 5 minutes, it’s free. We had a great time watching them stuff their faces with pizza. Too bad they weren’t able to finish it in time. They looked like they had fun though.

We ordered the Mexican Nachos, a 10-inch El Buono Special Pizza, Pasta & Chicken, and beer (San Mig Light).

While we were eating, 2 of the wait staff started setting up a beer pong table for the students. To be honest, I haven’t played that game yet. I find it… I dunno, dirty? Unhygienic? My friends need to get me drunk first before I play that game.

The food was not bad for the price. A  budget of 150-300 PHP or 3-7 USD per person would be enough. The pizza was ok. It was great with beer, even though I had to remove chunks of pineapple off it (I do not like pineapple on my pizza). I didn’t like the chicken that much though. It’s as if it wasn’t cooked enough. I like my friend chicken cooked super crispy yet tender. The bolognese pasta was so-so. I liked their nachos.

I’d give the place 3.25/5 spoons.

Food – 3 spoons
Ambience – 3 spoon
Price – 4 spoons
Service – 3 spoons

El Buono Pizza
Branches: Tomas Morato and Greenhills


Papa John’s


My officemate and I craved for pizza one night after work. We had 2 choices, either Skakey’s or Papa John’s. Since we both haven’t tried the pizza at PJ’s at that time, we decided to go there.

The pizza was ok. The pasta and the wings, not so much. The pasta was too bland while the chicken wings were… disappointing.

Budget: 150PHP+ (4USD +) per person.

I would give it… 2.5 spoons.  Sorry but I really wasn’t impressed. The presentation was there. However, the taste wasn’t.

Greenwich: The Barkada Pizza


When I was a kid, my mother used to bring me and my brother to Cubao to go shopping or just walk around. And before we go home, we almost always swing by the old Greenwich Pizza Place for a snack. I’m not sure if they had other branches then. Now, they’re almost everywhere.

I like Greenwich pizza better than Pizza Hut. For me it tastes better. More flavorful. More addicting. Maybe it’s because it has been a part of my childhood. Or maybe it really is just better than the latter.

Their Lasagna Supreme tastes good as well. So cheesy and yummy.

Budget: 60-200 PHP (1.5 – 5 USD) really budget-friendly.

A barkada favorite. I give it 4/5 spoons.


Greenwich Pizza & Pasta

Branches: Caloocan, Las Pinas, Makati, Malabon, Mandaluyong, Manila, Marikina, Muntinlupa, Paranaque, Pasay, Pasig, Quezon City, Rizal, San Juan, Taguig and Valenzuela

Delivery: 5-55-55 /

Carlo’s Pizza


There used to be a Carlo’s Pizza branch near my workplace. Now, I only get to eat their Capriccioso Pizza whenever I’m in Tagaytay. I think they also have a branch in Metrowalk, Pasig and Adriatico but I’m not sure if those branches are still open.

One of the things I miss is their Nacho Supremo. They use colorful tortilla chips (purple, red and yellow) so it’s fun to eat.

 Their Buffalo Chicken with ranch dressing is good too so I guess I miss that as well.

Budget: 250-300 PHP (6-7+ USD) per person. Not bad.

I give it 3.5/5 spoons.