Now for the crazy part! Even if you’re not into partying, you have to experience the nightlife in Phuket! You don’t have to get wasted like most people who go there to party. It’s also fun to watch drunk people (or drunk people trying to flirt with you).

Part 3: Bangla Road (Soi Bangla)

Soi Bangla is Patong’s party zone. It comes alive right after sunset. Aside from bars, there are also street vendors selling all sorts of stuff there like this cute Thai guy below.

If you’re adventurous, you may want to try eating street food.

The bars are right next to each other so you can either just choose one and stay there for the rest of the night or bar crawl. By the way, I think all of the bars have poles for pole dancing.

We went to Soi Eric first and ordered one drink there before moving to a different bar.

Travel Tip #4: If you’re travelling alone and you want to drink, ask the server to open the bottle in front of you or if you prefer cocktails, try sticking with the clear ones just to make sure it doesn’t have anything that’s not supposed to be in it. This includes drinks given to you by other people. Safety first!

Travel Tip #5: Know your alcohol limit! Whether you’re travelling alone or with a group of friends, puke doesn’t look (and smell) good on anyone. Drink water after every drink (or after 2 drinks if you have high tolerance for alcohol).

We went to a go go bar after and were immediately given a connect four game as we ordered drinks.

One of the girls then asked if we wanted to play a Jenga game with them. The catch: whoever loses will have to pole dance!

The girls (well actually we suspect that one of them is a lady boy) were really friendly and funny. The plan was to move to another bar after a few drinks but since everyone was having a good time, we stayed and ordered more drinks.

Travel Tip #6: If you see a bell in one of the go go bars, don’t ring it! Unless you want to buy everyone there a drink!

After the first round of Jenga, the girls gave us free drinks. I suspect to make us lower our guards and drink more. Well… they succeeded. Because we kept ordering drinks. One of my friends even rang the bell so one round was on him. And I remember a guy drinking by himself ringing the bell as well. Actually, I’m no longer sure how many times it rang. What I’m sure about is that we kept on drinking… and drinking.

Honestly, I’m not sure how we got home that night. When I looked at the pictures in my camera the next day, these photos were there.

Ok, I’m going to stop here because my friends might kill me if I release the other NSFW photos.

I also have a lot of blurred photos which usually indicates that the camera person (in this case, me) is drunk.

Travel Tip #7: If you plan to get wasted, make sure your camera has a neck strap. Or to be sure, don’t bring a camera. Just use your phone. Actually… you might lose your phone so make sure you have a pocket or bring a cheap phone. And bring just enough money!

Send me a comment if you’ve experienced something similar!

My next post will be all about Bali (and a little bit of Singapore again). Watch out for it!