Went to Potipot the second time with the same group of friends during Holy Week a few years ago (I know… I’m super back-blogged). What I like about it is it’s near enough that you only need to drive a few hours.

Roadtrip Tip #1: If you like to go on roadtrips going to the North, buy an Easytrip tag. Save’s you time since you have your own lane (EC/Eastytrip lane). Very helpful especially during Holy Week.

And if you’re going on a roadtrip during Holy Week like we did… Roadtrip #2: Don’t open the car window unless you want to be be splattered with the blood of self-flagellating Catholic devouts.

We stayed at The Harvest Beach Resort. The place was ok. The rooms were large enough to accommodate all of us. We booked 2 rooms with 4 pax per room. It wasn’t that expensive. Tried to look for their current rates but couldn’t find any. If you’re interested to know how much a room costs, try contacting them – 0917 865 0002.

As what I’ve mention in my previous Potipot post, there’s still nothing much to do there. But if you’re addicted to sunsets like I am, you will like it there.

Bonus Tip: DON’T BRING YOUR CRAP! If you plan to bring water, bring back the empty bottle! Unless you want to see a mountain of plastic/glass bottles in the island.

Let’s keep the island clean so other people (and your future grandchildren) can enjoy it as well.

Now go on a roadtrip! #itsmorefuninthephilippines #visitph2015